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About TerraMar Travel

Live your Adventure while discovering yourself at TerraMar Travel!

Our boutique style and family-owned and operated Host agency gives you personalized service and mentoring.  Three words that describe the perfect Travel Advisor are:  CURIOUS, EMPATHETIC and COMMITTED.

CURIOSITY doesn't kill cats, it is the fuel for wonder and what ifs, and searching for answers that we didn't know we needed.  It keeps us thinking and experiencing to conjure up new and magical paths into greater possibilities.  CURIOUS is what drives us to go to new places in building a great business.

EMPATHY is necessary to be able to connect to others on a level that is not superficial.  Part of the service TerraMar Travel gives to our Advisors is not only the quality of information but most importantly, we truly get to know each other and build upon those relationships to assist each other in building a successful travel business.


COMMITMENT is a lost art we at TerraMar Travel are fostering for a comeback!  The perfect Travel Advisor is not only committed to the company, the client, and the industry, but is committed to a more expansive view that through travel we can repair so much of what humanity is ailing from.  

  • We offer coaching for those new to the Travel Advisors industry, along with support and tools for experienced advisors. 

  • We have state of the art technology for our Travel Advisors to track your bookings and commissions.

  • We customize our training and mentoring to suit YOUR business model and needs, with personalized mentoring. 

  • We have great opportunities for marketing, e-marketing, using Social Media effectively for marketing, and lead referrals.

  • Thousands of cruise sailings and blocked group space with rich amenity programs for your clients.

  • Our consortia relationship offers you access to hundreds of Preferred Suppliers with the best marketing opportunities in the industry. 

  • Our programs are customized to fit your unique needs and desires so that you may build your travel business at your own pace and with your own style.

  • We give you the tools to make your travel business a success.

  • No monthly fees.

  • Monthly commission checks.

  • Real time air, cruise, and hotel booking system – FREE.

  • Marketing and Business Development, the best in the industry!

  • Thousands of blocked space for cruise cabins with rich amenity programs for your clients.

  • Daily emails to keep you up to date.

  • IATAN and CLIA cards (qualification required).

  • Many, many more benefits and tools to assist YOU.

 New frontiers, new experiences and new horizons with TerraMar Travel!


Rhonda Shumway CTC, ECCS, DS, LCS

Rhonda is President and Co-Owner of TerraMar Travel, a BOUTIQUE and family owned Host Agency. We have been in Business for almost 30 years and offer our Travel Professionals the utmost in personalized service, training and mentoring. Rhonda has traveled the world and is always looking for that next exciting destination to explore. One of her favorite destinations is Africa: "I visited to see the animals and fell in love with the people too....I can't wait to return". Rhonda specializes in Hawaii, Adventure Travel and River Cruising. Her love for the Islands of Aloha has a special place in her heart and she thoroughly enjoys sharing that love with her clients and TerraMar Travel Professionals.

Bob Holmes ACC

Bob Holmes is the CEO and Co-Owner of TerraMar Travel. He has had a variety of careers in construction, Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Appraising for almost 50 years. His love of travel was instilled in him from an early age when his family cruised to Hawaii and stayed at the famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel. He has traveled the world with his family, and this love of travel inspired him to start a Host Travel Agency with his daughter, Rhonda Shumway. He is CEO and co-owner of the family-owned and operated Boutique Host Agency, TerraMar Travel Inc.



“The 13 years I have been affiliated with TMT have been beneficial both to me and to the agency. Rhonda is a diligent partner. She is available to answer questions (even those I have asked before) &and never makes me feel that my needs are not important to her. She organizes an annual special agency FAM trip. We are notified about professional association opportunities that we can attend. At the convention she arranges for all of the TMT advisors to meet and get to know one another. She keeps up to date with all the many changes in the industry and is a valuable resource for all her advisors to be current on issues that affect not only the advisors but our clients. Most of all she is FUN. All the TMT agents have a great time when we gather at meetings or travel together. "

Mary Anne

Hemet, CA


“I heartily recommend Terra Mar Travel and Rhonda to travel advisors that may be seeking a host connection. Rhonda is fair minded and always available to share her vast knowledge. Her connections to key organizations within the industry, including ASTA, NACTA, CCRA and PATH,provide additional support to me as a travel advisor. I have met, traveled with and learned much from other Terra Mar advisors. I am very satisfied with Terra Mar Travel.”


Palm Desert, CA


"The joy I experienced when I joined the TerraMar Travel Inc. agents hasn’t abated, after over 13 years of working together. Rhonda makes sure we have all we need in training materials and details to keep abreast of what we must know to have a successful business, and she set up an informal internal advisor chat exchange system for us to help each other. She includes us in decision making processes that affect us and our clients. She is always available to help with sticky issues or quandries. And, a real plus–When I’m off on a trip or FAM, I know if my clients want help during my absence, they have a supremely talented person to turn to for assistance."



“I have been with Rhonda since she started TerraMar Travel and knew her before. I have been in the industry over 25 years and this is the first host agency that has treated their outside travel advisors fairly. Commissions are on time! Number one fault of other hosts! Many opportunities for FAMs and trainings. It is a family of friends when we can travel and learn together. Come onboard — the training and help is GREAT!” 

Karyn Washington

“TerrMar has been a wonderful host agency for me to work with, and you won’t find a better owner than Rhonda. She has given me so much advice, and her expertise on all things travel related is the best. This has made for a great< working relationship that I hope will continue in the coming years.” 

Donna Southern California

“Rhonda is the best! She’s always ready to help, has wonderful connections in the industry. She puts together wonderful FAM trips for her travel advisors so we can meet and have fun together, while learning about a destination. I would work with no other host agency. TerraMar is the best!” 

~ Maureen  Florida

“Under the management and leadership of Rhonda, TerraMar Travel is known for its exemplary service and professionalism in all areas of travel. Rhonda supports travel advisors in providing education, professional development in travel, and available help to ensure every client is served with care. Whether an advisor focuses on a specific genre of travel or provides travel expertise to clients in a wide range of travel options, TerraMar Travel is an excellent agency to work with.” 

~ Pam  Florida

An ocean of possibilities awaits you at our
Host Travel Agency, TerraMar Travel.
Contact us today, to learn more!
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