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Welcome to TerraMar Travel, Inc.  Our Host Agency is unique in 3 areas: 

  • FLEXIBILITY:  is a core value of our company. No matter what is occurring in the whirlwind of our lives or the torrents of the world, we strive to understand and meet the needs of each of our Advisors, on a personal level.

  • HUMAN KINDNESS: starts from the moment we receive a communication from an Advisor.  We work to set this tone for the culture of our company.  We strive for kindness in all relationships with each other, our suppliers and the industry as a whole.     

  • CONNECTIVITY:  it is more than technology, it is connecting to every piece of the travel planning experience and threading that together to make a beautiful fabric of rich experiences.                                                                                 

We are offering outside, independent Travel Professionals the opportunity to affiliate with us and enjoy the benefits of being a true professional.  TerraMar Travel, Inc. is not a “card mill”, only issuing credentials to travel agents.  We expect our Travel Professionals to actively pursue clients and book travel in order to earn commissions.  It is suggested that all new advisors take the appropriate steps to obtain their own accreditation with ASTA, CLIA and/or The Travel Institute, as well as taking other training that is available.

Our outside independent Travel Advisors pay a reasonable fee of $450 to affiliate with our Host Agency.  This fee includes coverage on our company Errors and Omissions insurance policy, database management program, 250 business cards (optional), and access to our procedures manual along with other resource materials.  There is an annual renewal fee of $200 per advisor renewable January 1 of each year (fees subject to change).  We also require a background check before processing your application for a non-refundable fee of approximately $55 (subject to change).


We offer our advisors 60 – 80% (based on experience) of the gross commissions, including bonus commissions and overrides received by the company as a direct result of your efforts when booking travel for your clients.  


It is important to gain as much knowledge as possible regarding the travel industry.  We will provide information regarding seminars, FAM trips, printed and other resource materials, and cruise line and other news so that you can stay more informed and knowledgeable about the travel field.


If you would like to become an outside independent Travel Advisor with TerraMar Travel, please let us know and we will send you our application and Independent Advisor Agreement.  If you have any questions please call or email our office.




Rhonda Shumway  CTC, ECCS, DS, LCS

President, TerraMar Travel Inc.

An ocean of possibilities awaits you at our
Host Travel Agency, TerraMar Travel.
Contact us today, to learn more!
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